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December 20: Hey guys! If you haven't already uploaded and submitted your piece, do so today. Notify your recipient by sending them a note telling them you had them, and add a link to your gift. I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Greetings, everyone! It's been a while. Since it's already November, and Thanksgiving Break is coming up for all Americans, I thought it would be a great time to initiate the sign up for our 2015 Vocaloid Secret Santa! And guess what? I'm opening it up to both artists AND writers!

1. Write a journal listing different things you would want to draw for you.
2. Post a comment in the comment section below 1. explicitly saying you wish to participate and 2. providing a link to the aforementioned journal post.
3. Wait until I send you a message with your assigned receiver so you can learn of what you will draw/write.
4. Submit your piece on December 19th into the Secret Santa 2015 folder.

-This Secret Santa will be open to artists and writers, so please in your journal list 3 possibly things you would want for an artist to draw and 2 prompts you would want to have written if your secret santa is a writer. I have a sample journal below. The writer/artist will only pick one.
-Your request must be Vocaloid-related. You are allowed to request your UTAUloid or OC Vocaloid so long as you provide a link to the concept art. No crossovers.
-As usual, don't request anything violent/gory/sexually explicit.
-Don't request anything too difficult, like a picture of every Vocaloid created.
-That being said, don't just spend 30 minutes doodling a picture or write a haiku for your literary submission. I think a good amount of time to spend on a picture is about 2-4 hours, unless you would like to invest more time in it. For fanfiction, try to aim for 1000 words minimum. Don't look at the piece as some chore you need to complete, but rather take pride in it and make it the best you can. If you want to receive something good, you should invest in your own work first.
-This is more of a side note, but try starting early. If you know you're going to be gone the week before the 19th, then start working on it earlier. I'm giving you a full month to work, and as a courtesy to the receiver, start early.

November 20 at 11:59 EST - Post comments before this time. Please post a comment ASAP, not after the deadline, because I need to get these assignments out quickly.

November 22(ish) - I will be messaging everyone personally with their secret santa assignment

December 19 - Submission date for Secret Santa collaboration. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE PIECE ONTO DEVIANTART BEFORE THIS DATE. Upload it on Stash and wait until the 19th to submit it. You can submit it at a later date than this, but just no sooner than the 19th.


1. A picture of Miku in her Senbonzakura costume
2. A picture of Gumi and her counterpart from Coward Montblanc
3. A picture of Lily in the snowy city. Something with a lot of blue.
4. A fanfiction about RinxLen on a winter date.
5. A fanfiction about Gakupo and his love for eggplants.
More Journal Entries



:bulletblue: Submissions

We accept any work that is focused on existing Vocaloid/UTAU (no OCs!!). They must be within dA rules. You can submit 1 deviation per week.

- Please submit pictures in their appropriate folders. Anything submitted to the incorrect folder will be declined instantly. Take care when submitting! Make sure it's going to the right folder.
- Look before you submit - Gallery submissions and Favorites submissions are different!
- No multiples. Submit one version of each artwork only. (For example, if you do a recolor. You can't submit two versions of the same artwork)
- Black Rock Shooter is not Vocaloid and thus is NOT ALLOWED. We also do not accept Kagerou Project etc. - submissions are to be strictly Vocaloid & UTAU only.
- We also do not accept song mascots (e.g. Luka's boyfriend from Just Be Friends) unless they are pictured together with an official Vocaloid / recognized UTAU.
- No desktop screenshots!
- No inappropriate pictures - submissions should be G or PG.
- No original characters dressing up as Vocaloids, and NO ORIGINAL VOCALOIDS OR UTAUS. Submissions must be of recognized Vocaloids, as well as recognized UTAUs complete with voice bank.
- We are very strict about art theft in this group. EVERYTHING MUST STRICTLY BE YOUR OWN WORK. We will not accept icons where you only made the icon but the art hadn't been drawn by you. We will not accept fanfiction with cover images that were not drawn by you, etc etc.

:new: :new: :new:
- All art submissions must be neatly done, finished-looking and polished pictures which are cleanly photographed / scanned. NO WIPs, LINEARTS, SKETCHES OR ROUGH WORKS!
- All cosplay submissions must be of completed costumes. No WIPs or anything that looks like a WIP. Photos must be clean (dark, blurry, grainy etc photos will NOT be accepted). Crowded convention photos will also NOT be accepted as they are more in the vein of "casual snapshots" rather than art.
- As above, all figurine photos must also be clean, polished, good quality photos. Photos cluttered with other figurines not relevant to Vocaloid will not be accepted.

We follow deviantART's policies. That means editing, tracing, and to stop the confusion, eyeballed (drawn by just looking) pictures are not allowed. Original dollbases will be accepted, but not dollbases that are traced without permission from the original artist.

:bulletred: Links
- Club Chat
- VocaRadio
- Random Vocaloid Fun
- Vocaloid Usage Help

Thanks to MiharuStar for making us the icon!







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