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Sorry for the massive delay, everyone. I have the final product! Great work, you guys!

Vocaloid Collaboration: Class Picture by NeoSailorCrystal

July 11: A little over two weeks until the deadline, and things are looking fantastic~! I have a few matters I wish to bring up, so please read this thoroughly. Firstly, if you haven't started drawing your character, I encourage you to get started soon, especially if you are signed up to draw multiple characters. I prefer to reserve the final few days for checking in with others to see if they will be able to finish, so it'd be helpful for me to have a few less people to check in with. On that note, we have 5 characters left, people! That's it! Let's get them all claimed! If you have some free time on your hands and don't know what to draw, consider drawing one of the Vocaloids we have left.

Thirdly, I wanted to discuss how we are going to group them together. I had an idea, and I wanted your input. To get in with the theme of a class picture, I was wondering if we should divide all the Vocaloids up into classes instead of grouping them all together. For example, we could have classes V1, V2, and V3, which represent the multiple generations of Vocaloids. So, what do you think? Should we put all the characters in one picture, or could we divide them up? They're good pros and cons to both sides, but I want you all to discuss this in the comment section below.

July 3: Hello, everyone! A few weeks in, and we already have a few submissions! If you haven't seen them, go to the 'Collaboration Project- Class Picture' folder. They're amazing. Anyways,  I have two matters of concern. Firstly, I'll be pushing the deadline back until JULY 26. My original deadline was unrealistic, so this should give you guys more time to work. Secondly, we still have so many Vocaloids unclaimed. I'd love to see as many Vocaloids as possible in this collaboration, so if you haven't claimed one or you are already finished and have plenty of free time on your hands, please feel free to claim one or two more. (I remember two years ago, some deviant claimed at least 6.)

June 22: This was a very close contest, meaning that there was a ONE POINT difference between first and second place, but winning with a total of 65 points, we have Uchisplash. To see the winning uniform design you will be drawing, scroll down to the rules section of this journal. Now you can begin to draw your character! We still have many characters available, so please feel free to claim some more. We want to have as many of the Vocaloids included in this collaboration as possible! Reach out of your comfort zone and try drawing a Vocaloid you've never drawn before.

Happy summer vacation, everyone! If you're like me, and you're sitting around with nothing to do this summer, then why not participate in a collaboration project? If you don't remember the idea from the previous collaboration, everyone claims a Vocaloid and draws them to fit the requirements. We combine everyone's drawing into one large picture.

In Japan, you take a picture with the rest of your classmates, as seen in this link (…). I want to recreate this class photo, only with the Vocaloids. Depending on how many Vocaloids there are, I may split the collaboration into two separate drawings, but we'll see about that later. Anyways, in order to look like a class picture, all the Vocaloids must be wearing a uniform.

The collaboration will be split into two parts: designing the uniform and drawing each individual character.  First, I'll hold a contest to allow for you to submit ideas for the male and female uniform. Once the uniform design is determined, you will draw your chosen character wearing that uniform. You can choose your character now by commenting which character(s) you want, but don't start drawing until we determine the uniform.

Link to the uniform design contest:

:star: RULES :star:

:bulletgreen: Only digital art.

:bulletgreen: Each drawing must be 1000x1500. PNG format is what I want.

:bulletgreen: There can't be any background. No white or black. It needs to be transparent. Like this. New Year Kaito by VerticalForklift (This is ideally how I want the image to look like. No background, single character, full body drawing) If you have problems, note the group.

:bulletred: Don't add a shadow or outline behind them.

:bulletred: The character MUST stand at a frontal view or three quarter profile. No profile, no quarter profile, no Akiyuki Shinbo head tilt.


:bulletred: No Chibis.

:bulletgreen: You are free to claim as many characters as you want, but make sure you can complete them all in time. You can choose your characters from the list below.

:bulletred: That said, only one character per drawing.

:bulletgreen: All Vocaloids must be drawn wearing the designated uniform: Vocaloid school uniform entry by Uchisplash

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to add a few minor details to your uniform! While your character must be wearing the uniform, you can add a choker around her neck, headphones, an arm band, etc. Just don't go over the top like Amu Hinamori did with her uniform...

:bulletred: No UTAUs (Unless specified).

:bulletred: You can't draw OCs. The one exception is VY1. She doesn't have an official design, so you are free to draw her however you would like. (VY2 already has a widely-accepted fanmade design, so please use that)

:bulletgreen: Please, PLEASE make it look nice. We want your image to be drawn with the best quality possible, so put a lot of time and effort into it.

:bulletred: Nothing erotic or gory, please...

:bulletred: No MMD.

:bulletgreen: The deadline is July 26, 2015

:bulletgreen: Please submit your finished drawing to the 'Collaboration Project - Class Picture' folder I'll create soon.

Each drawing will be compiled into something like this! Vocaloid Collaboration: New Year Kimonos by NeoSailorCrystal


If there's a Vocaloid you do not see on the list that you want me to draw, just ask and I'll give it to you. If there is a name next to the character, it is taken.

:bulletyellow: MEIKO meishiro (completed)
:bulletyellow: KAITO Uchisplash (completed)
:bulletyellow: Hatsune Miku Honeypie675 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kagamine Rin Kiekyun (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kagamine Len Kiekyun (completed)
:bulletyellow: Gakupo Kucingila
:bulletyellow: Megurine Luka MisakiTheHugger (completed)
:bulletyellow: Megpoid GUMI Kiwifie (completed)
:bulletyellow: SF-A2 Miki
:bulletyellow: Kaai Yuki BloodyAngel971 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Hiyama Kiyoteru Rylitah (completed)
:bulletyellow: Big Al Paradi-Len-Kagamine
:bulletyellow: Sweet Ann
:bulletyellow: Lily SxLizzy (completed)
:bulletyellow: VY1 Miziki GAT-XX03 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Gachapoid Ryuto kutaki9 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Nekomura Iroha Minty-Illusion (completed)
:bulletyellow: Utatane Piko kutaki9 (completed)
:bulletyellow: VY2 Yuuma Rinshuu (completed)
:bulletyellow: Mew Mave-Senogara (completed)
:bulletyellow: SeeU Honeypie675 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Tone Rion kasanexkagamine
:bulletyellow: Oliver
:bulletyellow: Cul NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yuzuki Yukari Rylitah (completed)
:bulletyellow: Bruno Paradi-Len-Kagamine
:bulletyellow: Clara Paradi-Len-Kagamine
:bulletyellow: IA PoisonicPen (completed)
:bulletyellow: Rio xPiko-Chanx (completed)
:bulletyellow: Aoki Lapis LunarSapphire-studio (completed)
:bulletyellow: Luo Tianyi pirupiruze (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yuezheng Ling Kaschra (completed)
:bulletyellow: Zola Project: WIL
:bulletyellow: Zola Project: YUU Uchisplash (completed)
:bulletyellow: Zola Project: KYO NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yan He Honeypie675 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Mayu Minty-Illusion (completed)
:bulletyellow: Merli LunarSapphire-studio (completed)
:bulletyellow: Galaco Rinshuu (completed)
:bulletyellow: Maika Ami-Magane (completed)
:bulletyellow: Alys ChibiGirl10 (completed)
:bulletyellow: YOHIOloid Ami-Magane (completed)
:bulletyellow: Rana whole-wheat (completed)
:bulletyellow: V Flower PoisonicPen (completed)
:bulletyellow: Anon bastiaandegoede (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kanon bastiaandegoede (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yowane Haku ilooovejirachi (completed)
:bulletyellow: Akita Neru ilooovejirachi (completed)
:bulletyellow: Macne Nana Engsoleie (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kasane Teto ilooovejirachi (completed)
More Journal Entries



:bulletblue: Submissions

We accept any work that is focused on existing Vocaloid/UTAU (no OCs!!). They must be within dA rules. You can submit 1 deviation per week.

- Please submit pictures in their appropriate folders. Anything submitted to the incorrect folder will be declined instantly. Take care when submitting! Make sure it's going to the right folder.
- Look before you submit - Gallery submissions and Favorites submissions are different!
- No multiples. Submit one version of each artwork only. (For example, if you do a recolor. You can't submit two versions of the same artwork)
- Black Rock Shooter is not Vocaloid and thus is NOT ALLOWED. We also do not accept Kagerou Project etc. - submissions are to be strictly Vocaloid & UTAU only.
- We also do not accept song mascots (e.g. Luka's boyfriend from Just Be Friends) unless they are pictured together with an official Vocaloid / recognized UTAU.
- No desktop screenshots!
- No inappropriate pictures - submissions should be G or PG.
- No original characters dressing up as Vocaloids, and NO ORIGINAL VOCALOIDS OR UTAUS. Submissions must be of recognized Vocaloids, as well as recognized UTAUs complete with voice bank.
- We are very strict about art theft in this group. EVERYTHING MUST STRICTLY BE YOUR OWN WORK. We will not accept icons where you only made the icon but the art hadn't been drawn by you. We will not accept fanfiction with cover images that were not drawn by you, etc etc.

:new: :new: :new:
- All art submissions must be neatly done, finished-looking and polished pictures which are cleanly photographed / scanned. NO WIPs, LINEARTS, SKETCHES OR ROUGH WORKS!
- All cosplay submissions must be of completed costumes. No WIPs or anything that looks like a WIP. Photos must be clean (dark, blurry, grainy etc photos will NOT be accepted). Crowded convention photos will also NOT be accepted as they are more in the vein of "casual snapshots" rather than art.
- As above, all figurine photos must also be clean, polished, good quality photos. Photos cluttered with other figurines not relevant to Vocaloid will not be accepted.

We follow deviantART's policies. That means editing, tracing, and to stop the confusion, eyeballed (drawn by just looking) pictures are not allowed. Original dollbases will be accepted, but not dollbases that are traced without permission from the original artist.

:bulletred: Links
- Club Chat
- VocaRadio
- Random Vocaloid Fun
- Vocaloid Usage Help

Thanks to MiharuStar for making us the icon!







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