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Vocaloid Collaboration: New Year Kimonos by NeoSailorCrystal

January 4: It has come to my attention that people are unable to submit to the Collaboration Project folder. I'm assuming it's because the folder's submission settings have yet to be changed, but in the mean time, if you could please paste a link to the completed version of your character in the comments section of this journal as several others have, I would appreciate it. Once this issue is resolved, I'll post a journal and submit your pieces myself.
On a side note, we still have some characters who aren't taken. If you have some spare time, feel free to claim the some others. I want to have as many Vocaloids in this piece as possible.

December 31: We added a Collaboration Project folder you can submit to now! Check out the submissions, if you haven't already. They're looking fantastic~…

Happy holidays, everyone! I bet you're all enjoying your winter break, wherever in the world you are. But how many of you are sitting around the house with nothing to do? Do you feel in the mood to draw something, but you don't know what? Well, how about participating in a collaboration project?

For our theme, we're doing 'A Visit to a Shrine in Winter'. That means that all the Vocaloids will be wearing winter kimonos.

This collaboration will last a few weeks, so if you want to participate, make sure you will have time to finish and submit these characters. The deadline will be January 12, 2015, but if I need to push it back further, I'd be willing to do that.

I'll post a list of characters at the bottom of this journal. If you want to draw them, say so in the comments. Whoever posts a comment saying they want that Vocaloid first will get it, but take a chance and try drawing a Vocaloid you've never drawn before. If a lot of people want to participate, I'll add more Vocaloids to the list (unless you specifically ask to draw a Vocaloid not on that list. Then I will add it.)

:star: RULES :star:

:bulletgreen: Only digital art.

:bulletgreen: Each drawing must be 1000x1500. PNG format is what I want.

:bulletgreen: There can't be any background. No white or black. It needs to be transparent. Like this. Vocaloid Collab: Ring Suzune by VerticalForklift (This is ideally how I want the image to look like. No background, single character, full body drawing) If you have problems, note the group.

:bulletred: Don't add a shadow or outline behind them.

:bulletgreen: You must draw a full-body shot of them, like the picture above, in any position. They can even be kneeling of sitting on the ground. Just don't make them sit on some invisible stool or in a position that makes them hug someone.

:bulletgreen: That being said, they can be holding anything you want. They an be lifting a tray of mochi, holding new years postcards, or carrying a traditional umbrella to hide from the falling snow.


:bulletred: No Chibis.

:bulletgreen: You are free to claim as many characters as you want, but make sure you can complete them all in time. You can choose your characters from the list below.

:bulletred: That said, only one character per drawing.

:bulletgreen: Since there are probably going to be people who want the same character, it's first come, first served. If you are the first to comment saying that you want Hatsune Miku, you get Hatsune Miku. Read the previous comments below to see if you missed your chances or if there are any openings. I'll update the journal frequently showing who is available.

:bulletred: No UTAUs (Unless specified) or OCs.

:bulletgreen: You can draw the character wearing whatever type of kimono you want. If you don't know how to draw one, simply type in 'Winter kimono' into Google images. This will be a great opportunity to practice drawing kimonos!

:bulletred: You can't draw OCs. The one exception is VY1. She doesn't have an official design, so you are free to draw her however you would like. (VY2 already has a widely-accepted fanmade design, so please use that)

:bulletgreen: Please, PLEASE make it look nice. We want your image to be drawn with the best quality possible, so put a lot of time and effort into it.

:bulletred: Nothing erotic or gory, please...

:bulletred: No MMD.

:bulletgreen: January 12, 2015

:bulletgreen: Please submit your finished drawing to the 'Collaboration Project' folder I will add soon!

Each drawing will be compiled into something like this! Vocaloid Collaboration Final Product by NeoSailorCrystal

To learn more about New Years in Japan, here's a website you can visit:…

If you're not very good at drawing patterns, here are some stock images of patterns, but make sure to ask for permission from the owner before using unless specified. That being said, try practicing drawing patterns before giving up and using stock.

Japanese style pattern by gimei  17 Vintage Kimono Patterns by OokamiKasumi  Photoshop Patterns -2 by DOGGIEDOGGIE  50 JPG Seamless Japanese Patterns: Pack 2 by o-yome  Cherry flower paper 02 by angel56


If a lot of people want to participate, I'll add more Vocaloids to the list (unless you specifically ask to draw a Vocaloid not on that list. Then I will add it.) Yellow bullets mean the character is available. If there is a name next to the character, it is taken.

:bulletyellow: MEIKO LunarSapphire-studio (completed)
:bulletyellow: KAITO VerticalForklift (completed)
:bulletyellow: Hatsune Miku whole-wheat
:bulletyellow: Kagamine Rin Cavachon (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kagamine Len Nienri (completed)
:bulletyellow: Gakupo Kucingila (completed)
:bulletyellow: Megurine Luka VerticalForklift (completed)
:bulletyellow: Megpoid GUMI MisakiTheHugger (completed)
:bulletyellow: SF-A2 Miki NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kaai Yuki Geellick (completed)
:bulletyellow: Hiyama Kiyoteru Satsuki98 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Big Al
:bulletyellow: Prima whole-wheat
:bulletyellow: Sweet Ann ChibiGirl10 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Lily NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: VY1 Miziki IceValaxy (completed)
:bulletyellow: Gachapoid Ryuto
:bulletyellow: Nekomura Iroha iMACobra
:bulletyellow: Utatane Piko SoloCrimson (completed)
:bulletyellow: VY2 Yuuma VerticalForklift (completed)
:bulletyellow: Mew
:bulletyellow: SeeU LunarSapphire-studio (completed)
:bulletyellow: Tone Rion whole-wheat (completed)
:bulletyellow: Oliver TsukiAnimeGirl (completed)
:bulletyellow: Cul hachi24 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yuzuki Yukari rabbityogurt
:bulletyellow: Bruno
:bulletyellow: Clara
:bulletyellow: IA PoisonicPen (completed)
:bulletyellow: Rio
:bulletyellow: Aoki Lapis NewZealandKiwi (completed)
:bulletyellow: Luo Tianyi homeworkhater
:bulletyellow: Yan He NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: Mayu kutaki9 (completed)
:bulletyellow: Merli Mew-chan-desu (completed)
:bulletyellow: Galaco
:bulletyellow: Maika LunarWolfGirl (completed)
:bulletyellow: Alys michiyoetandrea (completed)
:bulletyellow: YOHIOloid BittersweetHorizon (completed)
:bulletyellow: Rana Darxemnia (completed)
:bulletyellow: V Flower Cavachon (completed)
:bulletyellow: Anon NaoyukiNoYuuki (completed)
:bulletyellow: Kanon SxLizzy (completed)
:bulletyellow: Yowane Haku LunarWolfGirl (completed)
:bulletyellow: Akita Neru NeoSailorCrystal (completed)
:bulletyellow: Macne Nana
:bulletyellow: Kasane Teto ChibiGirl10 (completed)
More Journal Entries



:bulletblue: Submissions

We accept any work that is focused on existing Vocaloid/UTAU (no OCs!!). They must be within dA rules. You can submit 1 deviation per week.

- Please submit pictures in their appropriate folders. Anything submitted to the incorrect folder will be declined instantly. Take care when submitting! Make sure it's going to the right folder.
- Look before you submit - Gallery submissions and Favorites submissions are different!
- No multiples. Submit one version of each artwork only. (For example, if you do a recolor. You can't submit two versions of the same artwork)
- Black Rock Shooter is not Vocaloid and thus is NOT ALLOWED. We also do not accept Kagerou Project etc. - submissions are to be strictly Vocaloid & UTAU only.
- We also do not accept song mascots (e.g. Luka's boyfriend from Just Be Friends) unless they are pictured together with an official Vocaloid / recognized UTAU.
- No desktop screenshots!
- No inappropriate pictures - submissions should be G or PG.
- No original characters dressing up as Vocaloids, and NO ORIGINAL VOCALOIDS OR UTAUS. Submissions must be of recognized Vocaloids, as well as recognized UTAUs complete with voice bank.
- We are very strict about art theft in this group. EVERYTHING MUST STRICTLY BE YOUR OWN WORK. We will not accept icons where you only made the icon but the art hadn't been drawn by you. We will not accept fanfiction with cover images that were not drawn by you, etc etc.

:new: :new: :new:
- All art submissions must be neatly done, finished-looking and polished pictures. NO WIPs, LINEARTS, SKETCHES OR ROUGH WORKS!
- All cosplay submissions must be of completed costumes. No WIPs or anything that looks like a WIP. Photos must be clean (dark, blurry, grainy etc photos will NOT be accepted). Crowded convention photos will also NOT be accepted as they are more in the vein of "casual snapshots" rather than art.
- As above, all figurine photos must also be clean, polished, good quality photos. Photos cluttered with other figurines not relevant to Vocaloid will not be accepted.

We follow deviantART's policies. That means editing, tracing, and to stop the confusion, eyeballed (drawn by just looking) pictures are not allowed. Original dollbases will be accepted, but not dollbases that are traced without permission from the original artist.

:bulletred: Links
- Club Chat
- VocaRadio
- Random Vocaloid Fun
- Vocaloid Usage Help

Thanks to MiharuStar for making us the icon!







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